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Vintage Y2K Zip It! Mini Skirt

Black micro mini skirt with functioning zipper details all around! Pockets at sides, plus belt loops and zipper fly closure.

Grand Prix

Very good! This here baby is in PRISTINE functioning condition -- zippers all function 100%, no holes, no tears. However, it was once coated in vinyl, and lovers of old vinyl will know that over time is cracks apart. Fortunately, this piece has a cloth base and the cloth structure is still 100% intact, but the vinyl coating is flaking off. Aesthetically? It gives it a very cool Mad Max look. However, this piece will still shed little black flecks until all of the vinyl eventually flakes off, at which point it will be a VERY cool black cloth mini skirt in FULLY pristine condition, just without the vinyl coating! So there you go, folks, it's super freaking cool, but it's in the middle of a transformation right now, and one day, it will be a beautiful butterfly, but for now, it's a beautiful caterpillar in its cocoon, metamorphosing before our very eyes. Ah, the beauty of vintage.

Our model Ria is 5'3" with 24" waist, 34" bust, and 34" hips; she usually wears size XS. This item was not pinned on her and would best fit a size S.

Waist: 24"