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Shipping & FAQ



      Q: What does "vintage" mean?

      Vintage items are once-in-a-lifetime finds that are pre-loved from another decade. They are likely to show signs of wear and are for those of us who love collecting a little bit of history! They are nearly impossible to restock, so if you see it and like it, get it quick before it sells out forever! We classify the quality of our vintage in three categories: excellent (nearly new with no outside visible signs of damage or structural issues), very good (great condition with minor wear and tear), and good (shows significant signs of wear but is still totally cool and has some life left in it!). 

      Q: Where do your vintage items come from?

      Our vintage pieces are sourced from a mixture of rag houses, bins, and wholesalers. We do our best to rescue pieces bound for destruction, repairing them when necessary, to give them another shot at life!

      Q: Are your new (not vintage) items ethically made?

      Our jewelry collection is all produced in small batch runs by a team of 5. Our apparel is all made in SEDEX, WRAP, or SGS certified sweatshop-free environments. 

      We do not authorize any reselling of our products of any kind. If you see it somewhere else, it's a knock-off of our original new design!

      We use a combination of synthetic and natural fibers, depending on what best suits the garment.  Our goal is to get you a garment that you will love for a long time, and for garments to have a second chance at life when they no longer work for you. If you have a Tunnel Vision garment you're done with, please consider sending it back to our Buy Back Program so we can do our part to keep items out of the landfill!

      Q: Where do items ship from?

      Our items ship from Los Angeles, California. Vintage items ship from our Atwater Village office, and new (not vintage) items ship from our Glendale warehouse. As a result, if you order vintage and new at the same time you will receive two different parcels.

      Q: How long does shipping take?

      Most orders ship within 5 business days. After sales, there might be slight delays in processing your orders. Feel free to reply to your order confirmation email to check in if it's been longer than 5 days and we can provide you with an update of our current shipping timeline. :)

      Q: What is the best way to contact you?

      Via email! Please note it can take us up to 5 business days to reply to emails due to volume of work. If you do not receive a reply back to your email within 5 days, please try responding to your order confirmation email. Do not send multiple emails in the same thread as this moves your email chronologically to the most recent date sent and will delay our ability to reply to you.

      Q: How can I apply to be a model?

      We are always looking for fresh faces to model for us! If you are in the LA area, you can apply to model here. We accept models of all shapes, sizes, and heights and are constantly looking for more diversity so don't be shy! If you are under 18, you must have a parent or legal guardian who is able to drop you off at any shoots and sign a model release.

      Q. Do you accept returns or exchanges?

      We accept exchanges for store credit in the original purchase price of the item within ten days of item's delivery. To coordinate an exchange, click here.

      We are not able to issue straight size exchanges or reserve sizes for exchange as our inventory changes rapidly and there is no way for us to anticipate what sizes customers will need swapped out. All items are first come first service, and all exchanges are processed via store credit for the original purchase price.

      Q. What happens if I ordered just before you run a sale?

      If you placed an order within 24 hours of us launching an unadvertised sale, we will honor the sale by providing you with a gift certificate reflecting the discount value of the sale missed, which can be used on any future purchase. 

      Q: Do you ship internationally?

      Yes! We ship most international orders via the public postal service to keep prices low, which is USPS here in the United States. All tracking information is updated until the parcel leaves the United States. Upon arrival to your country, the package is handed over to your country's local postal service. At this time, your tracking information will update only if your local country uses the same software ours does for tracking info. Some do, many do not. It is very common for parcels sent using this method to show the last tracking update as leaving the US, even if the package has successfully arrived in your country. It is also very common for parcels sent using this method to be held at your local post office for in-person pick-up without providing the recipient with a door tag. We're not sure why or when it happens this way, it just appears to be a funny quirk of international shipments using public postal carriers. As a result, you may have to check in-person with your local post office 1-2 weeks after shipment to see if your parcel is being held there without notice. 

      Some orders may also ship out via UPS if public postal services are unavailable in your local area.

      Please note that we have no way of anticipating if your country will charge customs fees for international shipments upon entry. If you live outside of the US, please consult your local post office to inquire about customs fees prior to placing your order!

      Q. What happens if I don't receive my item?

      As the shipper, we accept full liability for the care of your order until it has been turned over to the shipping company, at which point all delivery claims and inquiries are processed through the shipping service's claim management system. All claims are subject to the shipping service's scrutiny and deliberation, and the shipping service is liable for all packages lost in transit. All packages marked successfully delivered are not subject to claims inquiries.

      If your item has shipped, but you have not yet received it, please follow these steps in order:

      1. Make sure sufficient delivery time has passed since the date you received your tracking number. For US and Canada deliveries, this is typically 1 week. For all other countries, this is typically 2 weeks.

      2. Track your package using the tracking information emailed or posted to your Tunnel Vision account. If your tracking information shows no delays, errors, or exceptions and appears to be "stuck" in transit with the last update showing it departing Los Angeles, do not worry. This is actually very common (see information regarding international shipments further up on our FAQ!), but it does require further action on your part, so please move on to step 3!

      3. THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP, PLEASE DO NOT SKIP IT! Visit your local post office in-person to see if your parcel is being held there for you without notice. A telephone call will not work as it only shows the same tracking data shown online. Different countries use different softwares for tracking, and this just means that more than likely your parcel has arrived in your country but they have an incompatible tracking system to ours here in the US and are therefor unable to scan it in upon arrival. When this happens, packages are typically held for in-person pick-up at your local post office without notice. We're not sure why it happens, but it appears to be quite common, and 99.9% of the time an in-person visit armed with your tracking info, name, address, and ID will turn up your package quickly and without incident. Not sure what your local post office is? Contact your country's public mail service to ask what your designated post office is based on your postal or zip code.

      4. File a claim with USPS on their website here if and only if your parcel shipped via USPS and you've waited a sufficient period for your parcel to arrive and have visited your local post office in-person and still cannot track down your purchase. 

      5) Wait for your item to be located or reimbursed by USPS, or for your item to be returned to us as undeliverable. This happens occasionally due to mysterious delivery errors, but more often than not, packages we receive back in the post indicate they went unclaimed at your local post office for more than 30 days. This is why we always recommend visiting your local post office in-person first to help find your item. 

      If we receive your item back in the mail due to a delivery error or failure to claim, we will contact you to confirm the address used at time of checkout, and then attempt delivery once more. If your order indicates it was undeliverable or unclaimed at the post office after the second shipment attempt, we will issue you a gift certificate code for store credit in the price of your original order (minus any shipping fees you paid) and restock the items from your order. 

      Please note: if your country held your parcel for in-person pick-up at your local post office during the first shipment attempt, it will most likely hold all subsequent shipments for in-person pick-up as well. We have no control over this, as it is designated by your country's customs process for international deliveries, so please make sure not to skip step 3 if you run into delivery issues, and do visit your local post office in-person to see if your package is there!