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Vintage Renewed 90's Patched All Over Bleach Splattered Overalls

Ok, we don't know how we created the best overalls in the history of human kind, but somehow we did. These perfect denim full length overalls have tons of pockets all over, including a green zipper pocket at the chest! Adjustable straps. Patches include: Pink Floyd, Guns n Roses, ACDC, Led-Zeppelin, fire-engulfed 8 ball, Harley Davidson, green alien dude, a patch that reads "I'd say, "go to hell but then I'd see you everyday", Black Sabbath, black lightening bolt, and a patch that reads "Drinking doesn't cause hangovers, waking up does!". I mean, WHAT MORE COULD YOU WANT!?!?! šŸ™ šŸ™ šŸ™

Liberty Overalls, Bib Design Patented, 44x30, Made in USA

Excellent worn in distressed condition!Ā 

OurĀ modelĀ CitlaliĀ is 5'10" with 41" bust, 38" waist, and 46.5" hips; she usually wears size XL on top and size 2X on bottom.Ā This item was not pinned on herĀ and best fitsĀ sizes XL/2X.

Waist: 44"

Hip: 52"

Inseam: 30"

Style With
bright lipstick, brighter top, hat on top <33