Do Halloween the Tunnel Vision way! Below are some of our Halloween 2015 costume ideas, made using our fav vintage and new pieces from our store -- plus a few simple props you can get from your local costume shop!
Shop alien looks! The World Sucks Crop Top, Blade Sunnies, Alien Choker, Silver Shorts
Shop Corey! SkirtSweater
Shop vampire looks! Top and SkirtOvercoat, Choker
Shop Tai! Jacket, top, skirt, choker
Shop mermaid looks! Top, skirt
Shop Lindsay! Pants, sweater, jacket
Shop black cat looks! Bodysuit, choker, boots, sunnies
Shop Aaliyah! Pants, halter, belt
Shop fairy looks! Dress, chokerearrings, socks
Shop Pauly Shore! Overalls, shirt, jacket, necklace
Shop Amy Blue! Dresssunnies
Shop Penny Lane! Coat, bell bottoms, top, sunnies