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Vintage Y2K Essential Double-Row Pyramid Stud Leather Belt 

What we have here is our shop founder's own studded belt, worn throughout her teen years from the age of 13-18 in the years 2000-2005! It's ICONIC basically. This belt has been thru punk shows like TSOL, Guttermouth, The Vandals, NOFX, and The Casualties. It's been to ska shows like The Aquabats, The Bouncing Souls, No Doubt, and Reel Big Fish. It's been to hardcore and metalcore shows like The Blood Brothers, The Black Dahlia Murder, and Taking Back Sunday. It's been to emo shows like Yellowcard, Rufio, The Juliana Theory, and The Movielife. It's been to original Los Angeles scene parties in the Hollywood Hills during the era of Myspace. This belt has seen it all, and now it's ready to see your closet!

none, but it was originally bought at the Hot Topic in Fresno's Fashion Fair Mall in the year 2006 -- it was Madeline's after school job, and she spent the whole time angry that Hot Dog on a Stick rejected her for having too many facial piercings

This baby is DESTROYED! Rivets missing from the eyelets, scrapes and signs of wear allover the studs -- it's worn-in and true to form so you won't be heading out looking like some poser okay!

28-32", will comfortably fit a size XS-M low rise, a size S-L at mid rise, and a size M-L at high rise.