Knowledge Drop: Wealth Inequality Tote Bag



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This tee is part of our KNOWLEDGE DROP capsule collection. All items in this collection are sold at cost to produce, with no profit. 


Knowledge Drop: Wealth Inequality Tote Bag

Woven tote bag with front print reading:

"Out of the top 20 developed nations in the world, the United States has the largest wealth gap, comparative to Chile, India, Indonesia, and South Africa. The average CEO earns over $12 million per year, 354 times more than the average worker's compensation of approximately $35,000. In 2016, the International Monetary Fund issues concerns to the United States over inordinately extreme income inequality and high rates of poverty."

(Source: Credit Suidde Global Wealth Databook, 2013; Economic Policy Institute, 2013; IMF, 2016; S&P Capital IQ Database, 2012; US Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2012)"

Made in the USA

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