Knowledge Drop: The Injustice System Hoodie



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This tee is part of our KNOWLEDGE DROP capsule collection. All items in this collection are sold at cost to produce, with no profit.


Knowledge Drop: The Injustice System Hoodie

Black super soft hoodie with white print on front of facts and statistics regarding racial inequality in the US justice system. Text reads:

"People of color make up only 14% of drug users in the United States, but 56% of people in US state prisons for drug offenses. People of color are 3 times as likely to be searched during a traffic stop than white motorists, 2 times as likely to be arrested, and almost 4 times as likely to experience the use of force during encounters with police. One convicted, people of color receive sentences that are 10% longer than white offenders of the same crimes, are 21% more likely to receive mandatory-minimum sentences, and are 20% more likely to be sentenced to prison. Non-violent drug offenders of color serve virtually the same amount of time in prison as white offenders do for a violent offense."

(Source: US Department of Health and Human Services; Department of Justice; The Sentencing Project)"

Made in the USA

Tunnel Vision

Our model Chloe is 5'5" with 31" bust, 24" waist, and 32" hips;  she usually wears size XS and is pictured in a size Large hoodie.